Situated on Richmond St.  on the brow of the Aux Sauble Valley between Lucan and Clandeboye, adjacent to the church rests this beautiful cemetery. One of the older burials is that of Wm. Ward (died 1841). 

Renovations of the cemetery grounds began in 1915 under the guidance of Rev. Wm. Lowe.

The 1st Decoration and Memorial service was held September 9, 1923 and was organized by Rev. K. McGouan.

A mausoleum built in 1926 is now incorporated in the chapel, which was built  and  dedicated in 1958.

Marking the 100th anniversery of the year the glebe land was granted, a stone cairn was erected and and dedicated in 1932 in memory of Col. James Hodgins (died Jan. 1869) who was instrumental insecuring the church property from the Canada Company in 1832. The cairn bears the coat of arms of the Hodgins family and is made form stones gathered from the farms of his desendents on the Coursy Line.

In 1924 Hon. Ray Lawson, former Lt. Governor of Ontario, donated a new iron fence across the front of the property. Since the original tract of cemetery land had been used, the cemetery board purchased more adjoining acreage with the newest cemetery range being opened and consecrated on Decoration Day, 1995.

(the above information based on information found in a book written by Jenny Raycraft Lewis "Sure An' This is Biddulph"-1964 and form personal papers of James (Clara) Paton-historian and organist at St. James Church for many years)